place.HOUSE 1 : Work-in-Progress - Dining Room

No dining room would be complete without a couple of eye-catching pendant lights bathing your guests in a warm glow as you chat late into the evening!

place.ARCHITECTURE has selected only the best for the dining room of place.HOUSE 1, a trio of coloured glass "Bubble" lights from UK based Rothschild and Bickers lighting manufacturers.

WIP dining 1 RothschildBickers.jpg

Watch the below walkthrough video of this space, starting at the entrance hall, pivoting through the kitchen and ending in the living room looking back toward the dining room with inner courtyard in the background, all as the lighting changes from morning to evening, showing of the dynamic natural and artificial lighting of this space.

A big skylight and courtyard bring in natural light to these interior spaces during the day. The courtyard acting doubly as a backdrop to the dining and kitchen areas with its natural stone cladding that brings visual interest and a small tree to filter the light.

The skylight doubles as a big cove light at night, bathing the kitchen in a soft glow after the sun has set, while the courtyard's stone clad wall receives a wash of light that spills into the surrounding spaces at night.